Over three million years of knife sharpening – a (very) short history

Knife sharpening has been around as long as knives have been around and – depending on your definition of what a knife is – knives and things to sharpen them have been around for more than 3 million years, or at least these are the oldest artefacts discovered by archaeologists…

Reduce, re-use, recycle

You need to get them young, and Bob The Builder certainly did with his environmentally-focused catchphrase “reduce, re-use, recycle” twenty odd years ago. We're pretty sure that this was the origin of this particular saying, although now you're as likely to hear an adult trot it out as much as…

What did people do before electric knife sharpeners? They used a ‘moleta’

We answered this question back in 2014, talking mainly about the manual method - using a whetstone to sharpen a blade. But what wasn't covered in that article was another alternative – getting somebody to sharpen your knives for you. In one of our earliest articles (Ballarat butcher looks back),…

Live in a Queenslander? You need to know about this place

Anyone over the age of 40 knows that up until perhaps 25 years ago, every suburb had its own hardware store where you could go for all of those bits and pieces you needed around the house…

A quick and dirty guide to keeping your knives sharp

Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur cook or a celebrity chef or somewhere in between, you probably already know why it’s important to keep your knives sharp…

Are you a reader, or a watcher?

Last month we looked forward to a few trends we thought would be coming along in 2020. This article is all about the opposite…

Built-in obsolescence, what’s that?

Rafael Nadal celebrated his 18th birthday, Tracey Grimshaw her 44th and Suzi Quatro her 54th, but most importantly…

Measuring the hardness of steel and the sharpness of knives

“My knife is sharper than yours” begs the question “well how do you prove that?”

The challenges of gift buying

Did you know… the word ‘gift’ comes from the Old Norse word ‘gipt’, which became in Middle English the word ‘gidt’ meaning ‘to give’.

That old knife sharpening chestnut again

You won’t have seen much here on The Grind about knife sharpeners and knife sharpening for a little while, and we thought we’d covered most of it in previous articles…

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