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A few ideas for Christmas…

Out there in shoppingland you can see the Christmas stuff starting to appear, so here we are at the end of October and the buildup to the holiday season has already started…

Nirey Rave Review

Rave review for the Nirey Sharpener Range. Reviewer: Marcus O’Dean

Things that annoy professional chefs

Where to start? Judging by the reputation of this particular group of people, this article could either be very long, or very short. The short version would be just one word – “Everything”.

All you need to know about honing steels and sharpening steels

At Total Knife Care, once you get past the shelves and shelves of Nirey electric knife sharpeners and the beautiful boxes containing all of the IO Shen knives…

The perfect gift for a 30 year old… and other interesting knife related news

In our recent scout around the internet looking for the latest news on chefs knives and knife care we took a quick peek at Facebook…

Guns, ammo, and electric knife sharpeners!

Drive 120kms inland from Gladstone in Queensland and you will arrive in Biloela, the administrative centre of the Shire of Banana, Central Queensland

Taking care of your chefs knives using a whetstone

If you’ve read any of our articles on The Grind you’ll know that we’re firmly of the belief that – most of the time – you’re better off with an electric knife sharpener…

The meaning of sharp – how to check if your chefs knife needs sharpening

If you read our interview of jobbing chef Otis Greder (A sharp knife gives you the edge in the commercial kitchen) a while ago, you’ll understand the importance of keeping all the knives in a commercial kitchen as sharp as they can be.

Our top ten electric labour saving devices of all time (including of course the electric knife sharpener!)

The discovery of electricity has made our modern lives very easy compared to our predecessors. It’s probably singlehandedly responsible for the current obesity epidemic – we don’t have to do any hard work any more.

In a world before electric knife sharpeners…

No, not the trailer of a new Hollywood blockbuster, just some ruminations on what you had to do to get your knives sharp before the invention of electric knife sharpeners like the Nirey range we stock.

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