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How to
Thinking of opening a restaurant?

Catching the news today that Gordon Ramsay has filmed a new series of Kitchen Nightmares after a decade long break made us think 'what makes people want to open a restaurant?'. After all, in the first series he unearthed a veritable smorgasbord of major problems in the restaurants and cafes…

Essential knife skills

In truth most people don't really think about knife 'skills' – instead it's assumed to be pretty straightforward. To quote Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame, 'how hard can it be?'. But if you want to get really good in the kitchen or if you want to pursue a career…

14 ways to test how sharp your knife is

Quite a while back now we wrote a short article about how to check if your chef's knife needs sharpening. In that article we quoted a three part test suggested by Alan McKee in his guidebook 'Sharpening'. Of course if you scour the interwebs you'll find quite a few ways…

Food leftovers – some not so fun facts

Are you still eating leftovers from the Christmas food binge? The current thinking of health professionals is that any leftovers should be eaten within 3-4 days, or the risk of 'foodborne illness' (aka food poisoning) goes up considerably. What's a little alarming about eating leftovers is that the conventional 'sniff…

A quick and dirty guide to keeping your knives sharp

Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur cook or a celebrity chef or somewhere in between, you probably already know why it’s important to keep your knives sharp…

Measuring the hardness of steel and the sharpness of knives

“My knife is sharper than yours” begs the question “well how do you prove that?”

That old knife sharpening chestnut again

You won’t have seen much here on The Grind about knife sharpeners and knife sharpening for a little while, and we thought we’d covered most of it in previous articles…

The latest trendy cooking technique – the barbecue

Last month – as you may know – our very own I.O.Shen added several new knife models to its range. Of course all of these are in the Japanese professional chef style, but a number of them were designed for barbeque cooking…

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