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How to
Food leftovers – some not so fun facts

Are you still eating leftovers from the Christmas food binge? The current thinking of health professionals is that any leftovers should be eaten within 3-4 days, or the risk of 'foodborne illness' (aka food poisoning) goes up considerably. What's a little alarming about eating leftovers is that the conventional 'sniff…

A quick and dirty guide to keeping your knives sharp

Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur cook or a celebrity chef or somewhere in between, you probably already know why it’s important to keep your knives sharp…

Measuring the hardness of steel and the sharpness of knives

“My knife is sharper than yours” begs the question “well how do you prove that?”

That old knife sharpening chestnut again

You won’t have seen much here on The Grind about knife sharpeners and knife sharpening for a little while, and we thought we’d covered most of it in previous articles…

The latest trendy cooking technique – the barbecue

Last month – as you may know – our very own I.O.Shen added several new knife models to its range. Of course all of these are in the Japanese professional chef style, but a number of them were designed for barbeque cooking…

All you need to know about honing steels and sharpening steels

At Total Knife Care, once you get past the shelves and shelves of Nirey electric knife sharpeners and the beautiful boxes containing all of the IO Shen knives…

Taking care of your chefs knives using a whetstone

If you’ve read any of our articles on The Grind you’ll know that we’re firmly of the belief that – most of the time – you’re better off with an electric knife sharpener…

The meaning of sharp – how to check if your chefs knife needs sharpening

If you read our interview of jobbing chef Otis Greder (A sharp knife gives you the edge in the commercial kitchen) a while ago, you’ll understand the importance of keeping all the knives in a commercial kitchen as sharp as they can be.

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