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Award Winning Nirey Knife Sharpeners

Our award winning Nirey Knife Sharpener range caters for everyone from amateurs and professionals who are serious about keeping their knives sharp, through to serious continuous commercial users.

All knifes will lose sharpness over time and an electric knife sharpener can keep your knives performing to their best and allow you to perform regular, safe knife sharpening.

The I.O Shen chef knife and Nirey knife sharpener range can be purchased throughout Australia and New Zealand through Tackle Shops, Hunting Shops, Kitchenware Shops or online.

I.O. Shen MasterGrade Knives

The I.O. Shen MasterGrade range of chef knives have been endorsed by leading chefs abroad and are quickly obtaining a reputation for quality in Australia. A stunning range of 14 Japanese stainless steel chef knives using Triplex Steel Technology. The secret is the centre layer of Rockwell 62 stainless steel that provides the ultimate cutting edge, which will retain sharpness for an extraordinarily long time.

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Total Knife Care is Australian owned and operated and is the Australian and New Zealand Importer and Distributor for the Nirey Electric Knife Sharpener range and I.O.Shen MasterGrade Chef’s Knives.

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