If you go down to the woods today… you’ll probably find someone making artisanal handcrafted knives

What's seven years, apart from the time between itches? That was the last time we wrote about knives as works of art. So it's probably about time we looked again at the burgeoning world of knives as works of art - the custom made kitchen knife. In the beginning all…


Browsing a bookshop the other day we came across a new title called “Who ate the first oyster?” and no further explanation was required – no need to check the back cover to see what it was about. Do you ever find yourself wondering who was the first person to…

Live in a Queenslander? You need to know about this place

Anyone over the age of 40 knows that up until perhaps 25 years ago, every suburb had its own hardware store where you could go for all of those bits and pieces you needed around the house…

A quick and dirty guide to keeping your knives sharp

Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur cook or a celebrity chef or somewhere in between, you probably already know why it’s important to keep your knives sharp…

What are the best kitchen knives?

OK, so first off we’ll be upfront and say that – of course – we are biased…

Are you a reader, or a watcher?

Last month we looked forward to a few trends we thought would be coming along in 2020. This article is all about the opposite…

All about knife edges (yes there are different types)

Next time somebody tells you they’re on a knife edge, maybe don’t ask them what type.

Measuring the hardness of steel and the sharpness of knives

“My knife is sharper than yours” begs the question “well how do you prove that?”

What will the sharpest blade on the planet be… in the future?

Even though there are many exotic – and not so exotic – materials that can be used to make very sharp blades, what’s interesting is the longevity of the current standard – the steel blade.

The challenges of gift buying

Did you know… the word ‘gift’ comes from the Old Norse word ‘gipt’, which became in Middle English the word ‘gidt’ meaning ‘to give’.

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