Australian Shooter – Nirey KE-3000 Knife Sharpener Review

107 - Nirey KE3000 - Professional Kit Electric Knife Sharpener

Another great review in the September edition of the Australian Shooter Magazine.

By Media Officer Rachael Andrews

Hunters  and fishers who are serious about butchering their quarry make sure their knives are in the best condition possible, and the Nirey KE-3000 Professional Knife Sharpener  Kit can assist you in doing just that. This professional knife-sharpening system is a precision machine that uses a patented cushion contact system, working to create sharper edges and a more polished tip than when your knife was brand-new, and now it comes standard in kit form, meaning you don’t have to buy all the additional pieces.

Inside of the lightweight knife sharpening unit, a central guide holds the knife in the correct position, while two abrasive belts work simultaneously to create your razor-sharp smooth cutting edge. This process streamlines the knife-sharpening process by eliminating the need for honing.

In addition to a simple sharpening process, the cleaning and replacing of the supplied abrasive belts of the Nirey KE-3000 takes less than a minute. This is the only maintenance required to keep your unit in prime condition.

The Nirey KE-3000 is designed to give the home chef, hunter, fisher or outdoor enthusiast a professional sharpening experience.  It uses the same system as its professional counterpart, the KE-280, which is built for bulk sharpening, but without the price tag.

Nirey electric knife sharpening machines use aluminium oxide abrasives. Aluminium oxide is extremely hard for long-lasting qualities. Even more important, it ‘cuts cold’ meaning that little heat is generated when in contact with the knife steel. Less expensive silica-based abrasives create considerable friction heat, with the danger of reaching temperatures that could de-temper the knife steel.

The Nirey KE-3000 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener Kit retails for around $385 and includes the sharpener, a spare pair of fine belts, medium belts on wheels, a brush and training DVD all in a functional and sturdy carry-case. For more information, visit www.totalknifecare.com.au 

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