Total Knife Care – 4 points

total knife care magnetic knife block with 4 knives for our 4 points article

Since this is our company name, we thought it only fitting that we should pen a small article about the topic. Of course our range of Nirey electric sharpeners go a long way to making sure you’re able to look after your knives and give them the care they deserve. But here are a few other pointers and tips (pardon the puns we can’t help it) to make sure your knives have a long and useful life.

1) The wooden or magnetic knifeblock

You may have thought these were just for show – ‘hey, have a look at my impressive collection of top notch kitchen knives’. But no – they have a real purpose. Put your knives in the kitchen draw with all of your other kitchen utensils and you run the risk of your precious knife blades crunching up against other hard metallic part of your other kitchen tools. Over a period of time this will damage the blades and reduce the sharpness and lifespan of your knives. Better to keep them in or on a separate knifeblock.

2) The chopping board

It’s important that you don’t use your knives on anything harder than a wooden or plastic chopping block. Again, knife blade against hard surface, whether china plate or metal or stone kitchen surface, will blunt and/or damage the blades. In a worst case scenario you can knock the tip off a knife by using it for an unsuitable purpose on an unsuitable surface (guilty admission: your author has been there, and needed the assistance of the TKC knife sharpening expert to get the knifetip back again).

3) Keep your knives separate from the rest of the cutlery when you’re cleaning up

Try to resist the temptation to put your kitchen knives in the dishwasher. They really only need a bit of warm soapy water to clean, and then a quick dry and back to where they live. If you do need to leave them to dry, try to make sure the tips are pointing down, so the excess water runs down and off at the tip. High temperatures in dishwashers can also loosen the join between wooden handles knives and their blades.

4) Keep them sharp

Following all of the suggestions above will make sure that your knives stay as sharp as possible, but sooner or later they will need to be sharpened. Unless you’re planning on putting in a lot of practice and maybe ruining a knife or two, we recommend getting a Nirey electric knife sharpener. Failing that, some butchers will sharpen your knives, sometimes for free or for just a small fee.

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