Five cooking/kitchen gift ideas you might not have thought of (that are not kitchen knives or electric knife sharpeners)

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We are probably offering this advice a little late for Christmas, but we’ve been trawling the web looking for inspiration for Christmas gifts ourselves and thought we would share some of the more unusual kitchen and cooking related items we found out there.

Of course the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who ever does anything in the kitchen is either a Nirey electric knife sharpener or a set of beautiful I.O.Shen professional kitchen knives, but you knew that already didn’t you?

So if you are still looking for inspiration, or perhaps have someone’s birthday coming up soon, here are a few other things we stumbled across…

1) Sodastream

If you’re older than say thirty-five, then you’ll know all about Sodastream. Everyone had one and fizzy drinks were just a zap away – tap water instantly turned into soda water. Then they just faded into obscurity, but now they’re back with a vengeance, probably thanks to Jamie Oliver, who showed everyone how to make ‘sham’ pagne out of white wine earlier this year on the Jonathan Ross chat show in the UK using a Sodastream. In the UK sales have doubled and we suspect they’re on the up here in Australia. Why not jump on the bandwagon?


2) The Obsessive Chef Chopping Board

We’re guessing if you’re reading this, then you appreciate a good kitchen knife when you see one. So you’ll also be aware that it’s a big no-no to use your knives on anything less than a decent chopping board. This chopping board takes it one step further, by giving you handy measurements and angles on the board itself, so you never cut anything at the wrong angle. If the person you are buying for lines up all their tins of baked beans neatly in the cupboard, this might be the ideal present for them.

3) The Egg Minder

Unfortunately you won’t be able to get this one in time for Christmas – it looks like it’s only available in the US and is currently out of stock, but it wouldn’t look out of place in the kitchen of the future. It’s an egg tray that links wirelessly with your smartphone to tell you when your eggs are going off and when you’re running low. Maybe a precursor to the fridge of the future that texts you your shopping list.


4) The Ice Ball Maker

Who knows whether this one will catch on. The makers claim that the 6cm diameter ice ball keeps your drink cooler for longer than regular ice cubes because of its shape. It also apparently eliminates ‘icetray balancing acts’ and spillages.

5) Thug Kitchen

We couldn’t help but include this new take on the cookery book. Its target is unashamedly people (ok, men, mainly) who are not really foodies but that still want to eat healthily. The Thug Kitchen blog has had millions of visitors and a ‘best new blog award’, but certainly won’t be for everyone (warning – some coarse language ahead if you click on the link below).

PS These guys are from LA, but we won’t hold it against them.


Have you spotted anything you think we should have included here?

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