Best Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener KE500

Best Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener KE500


Nirey KE500 Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener is the latest and ultimate sharpener in the Total Knife Care Electric Knife Sharpener range.

User profile: Butchers, restaurants, food processor or catering companies.

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Best Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener KE500

A must-have for every professional chef and butcher, the fantastic Nirey KE500 commercial electric knife sharpener is now available for sale online in Australia.

This commercial-grade electric knife sharpener provides a superior sharpening system for all European and Japanese style knife blades. The Nirey KE500 can operate in both domestic or commercial applications. 

Providing excellent value for money, this knife sharpener will see you sharpening your knives from the very moment it arrives. Your Nirey KE-500 Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener will arrive with an instruction manual. You may need to consider additional abrasive belts depending on your unique situation and the blades you intend to sharpen. If you are in doubt, please contact us to ensure you will have everything you need to get your knives sharp once the unit arrives.

Commercial electric knife sharpeners are built with superior quality and require minimal maintenance. The new models have a quieter gearing set-up, resulting in the machine being less noisy than smaller devices.

Being a commercial-grade sharpener, Nirey’s KE500 is built to run frequently and provide endless sharpening hours of use across its lifetime. The user carefully guides the knife blade through the appliance at the perfect angle, allowing the knife to float through the angled, cushioned v-shaped zones.

This electric knife sharpener allows you to sharpen all your knives with precision and safety quickly.

This commercial sharpener is recommended for commercial users experienced with Electric Knife Sharpening. This is also the perfect gift for those who are keen amateur cooks and chef enthusiasts, those who enjoy hunting and fishing, and those who have a real love of cooking. Professional quality knives require a professional quality knife sharpening system, and the Nirey KE500 is the perfect partner.

Nirey’s Best Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener

New features on the KE-500:

  • Sharpens every style of knife – from European styles & Asian angled knives.
  • Sharpens 100% of the blade, including knives with bolsters.
  • This model is quieter due to a gearing upgrade.
  • New safety guards protects belts from damage.
  • No set up time required.
  • Maintains the same edge every time.
  • Low maintenance. Built to last.
  • Uses the same belts as the KE-3000 and the KE-280.

This amazing electric knife sharpener will reproduce both European and Japanese knife-edge profiles. To learn more about the the various knife edges  and our newest electric knife sharpener in our Nirey range, check out our blog.

Nirey KE-500 Electric Knife Sharpener

The Guarantee Period starts at the date of original retail purchase.

Total Knife Care warrants that during the Guarantee Period, we will remedy defects in materials or workmanship free of charge either by a) repairing, or b) replacing, or c) refunding.

User Profile: This durable appliance is designed and built to provide many years of satisfactory performance under recommended use. The intended purpose of the Nirey KE-500 is for commercial use ideally suited to Butcher Shops, Restaurants and Commercial Catering purposes.

The Warranty Period is two (2) years.

Total Knife Care will remedy defects according to the Manufacturers Guarantee if electrical components or motor fails within set warranty period.

Exclusions and Limitations

This Guarantee does not cover:

1. a) normal wear and tear, b) defects caused by rough handling, or c) defects or damage caused by misuse contrary to intended or recommended use;

2. User manuals or replaceable sharpening abrasive belts.

This Limited Warranty is not enforceable if item:

1. Has been repaired using unauthorised spare parts; modified or repaired by unauthorised Service Centre.

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