Replacement Abrasive Belts (Pair)
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Replacement Abrasive Belts (Pair)



Suitable for the Nirey KE-500, KE-280 and KE-3000 Sharpeners.

Available in Super Fine, Fine, Medium and Coarse options to suit your needs.

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Product Details

Super Fine Belts are white and marked 1000 grit internally. They are sold in pairs and are 1000 grit. The super fine grit abrasive belt is designed as a finishing belt and will provide a razor sharp edge to the knife, as well as a polished finish. These belts contain diamond abrasive and will leave your knife looking, feeling and working like new.

Fine Belts are pink internally and a sold in pairs. They are 600 grit and come fitted as standard on new Nirey Sharpeners (except KE-198). This grit belt is designed as a finishing or honing belt. These belts cut cold and are extremely hard wearing and long lasting. They are made from aluminium-oxide.

Medium Belts are white internally and a sold in pairs. They are 400 grit, being more aggressive, they are designed to profile knives more quickly than the fine belts. These belts cut cold and are extremely hard wearing and long lasting. They are made from aluminium-oxide.

Course Belts are blue internally and a sold in pairs. They are 200 grit. This grade of belt is designed to profile damaged and badly chipped knives. Because these belts remove a lot of metal they should be used with caution. Continually check the knife edge for overheating. Extremely hard wearing and long lasting, these belts are made from aluminium-oxide.


Replacement abrasive belts are sold in packs of two – and you may require a set of each to swap in and out of your Nirey Electric Knife Sharpening Machine. Electric Knife Sharpeners are commonly used by butchers, chefs, those in the professional catering industry, such professional chefs in hospital settings and even home users. Many individuals and organisations own Nirey electric knife sharpeners to keep their knives safe, maintaining the sharp edge and prolonging the life of their knives.


Typical use of replacement abrasive belts with varying grit sizes comes down to the relative smoothness of the finish you will achieve on the knife edge. The factors that will affect the finish you will achieve on your knife relate to:

  • the shape and diameter of the abrasive particles on each belt
  • the hardness of the grit praticles
  • whether the grit particles can be crushed or “fractured” into smaller ones and
  • the chemical composition of the abrasive particles – for example aluminium-oxide.

For more information on the sharpening grit size, review this wikipedia article, or send us a message.

Typical Uses for Sharpening with Abrasive Belts

  • Removing chips and indentations from a damaged blade,
  • Reprofiling a blunt edge,
  • Smoothing a rough edge through to a medium edge, and / or sharp edge,
  • Polishing for a mirror-perfect finish.


The Guarantee Period starts at the date of original retail purchase.

Total Knife Care warrants that during the Guarantee Period, we will remedy defects in materials or workmanship free of charge either by a) repairing, or b) replacing, or c) refunding.

Exclusions and Limitations

This Guarantee does not cover:

1. a) normal wear and tear, b) defects caused by rough handling, or c) defects or damage caused by misuse contrary to intended or recommended use;
2. User manuals or replaceable sharpening abrasive belts.
This Limited Warranty is not enforceable if item:

1. Has been repaired using unauthorised spare parts; modified or repaired by unauthorised Service Centre.

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