Whetstone Sharpening System 400/1000 Grit


This whetstone sharpening system includes, a 400/1000 grit combination whetstone, a whetstone repair tool, 2 sharpening guides, all stored in one convenient non slip holder.

To maintain the edge of your knives it is important to have a sharpening system that you feel confident in using and that provides everything you need to get the job completed.

This versatile sharpening system includes a double sided sharpening stone with 2 different levels of grit. The different grit levels (400 and 1000) provide the perfect mechanism for honing dull knives and refining sharp knives to keep them working their very best in your kitchen. This kit is the perfect beginners system as it also contains 2 sharpening guides and a whetstone repair tool to flatten and level out your stone when needed.

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