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BaouRouge Precision Slicing Knife

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Baourouge Precision Slicing Knife.

This 21cm Right-Hand Precision Slicing Knife is made specifically for right-handed users. It is perfect for slicing soft, freshly-baked bread, hard cured meats and even delicate tomatoes! With an adjustable titanium-coated aluminium guide, you can select the exact width of each slice – from 1mm to 16mm – giving you a perfectly even cut each and every time! This unit even quickly disassembles for washing!

Want to know the details? Make sure you watch the video to see how quickly and easily this knife makes light work of everyday kitchen tasks.


  • a stamped stainless steel blade with a serrated edge and an ABS plastic curved handle.
  • easy disassembly for machine or hand washing.
  • slicing / carver knife with adjustable aluminium guide for cutting widths of 1-16 mm (3/64″ to 0.62″)
  • 21 cm (8 1/4″), straight steel serrated blade
  • Black ABS handle. For right-hand use only.

*All the qualities and advantages of the original DUX’ 1968 at a fraction of the cost.


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