2 Stage Multi Angle Knife Sharpener


This compact Knife Sharpener is perfect for the home, boat, caravan or camper. The 2 stage system will sharpen any knife you happen to have in the draw. From Japanese or Asian Style knives to European Knives, this handy sharpening system will keep your knives in top condition.

Simple and Quick.  Ideal for home use every week or as required.


  • Course and fine slots
  • 2 sets of angles for differing knife styles
  • 16° for Asian type knives like the Santoku
  • 20° for European style knives
  • Coarse sharpening slots contain pre-set diamond rods that quickly sharpen the knife – providing the correct angle every time
  • Fine sharpening slots feature in-built ceramic stones that provide a very clean sharp edge by finely honing and finishing the process
  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Safe to store in the kitchen drawer, no sharp edges or protrusions.
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